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Model Railroading – Making Mountains For a Model Railroad

When you first start working on your model railroad scenery the first thing that you have to start doing is making mountains for the model railroad as well as all of the other bits of the landscape, or terrain.

Below I will explain three different ways for making mountains.

1. Paper-Mache
This is a very cheap and fun way to make mountains and if this is your first attempt it is great to experiment.

Firstly I suggest that you work out on your main area where you want the mountains to go then cut out a piece of cardboard for that area so you can build your paper-mache mountains on the cardboard then place them on the main area. This way, if you do not like the result, you can always start again and you do not have to remove the paper-mache model from the main board! Also, if you realise when they are made that they would be better in another place, it is easy to move them around.

To make your paper-mache mountains start with balls of newspaper and screw them up into balls and place where you want to basic shape to be. Glue them down with pva glue. When you have your main shape, tear up strips of old newspaper and soak it in a water and flour mix – you can use a water and pva mix also – then lay the strips over your balls of newspaper. These strips will give the final shape for your mountains and will also dry hard.

If you wish to have tunnels running through these mountains you will need to make sure that you make the tunnel area before you cover everything with your newspaper strips and that it will not cave in when the weight of the paper-mache is added above the tunnel!

2. Polystyrene or Styrofoam Mountains
Another way of making mountains for a model railroad is by using bits of polystyrene or styrofoam that you have lying around to build the basic shape of your mountains. This is very light stuff and easy to work with, but very messy! Once you have the basic shape that you want you needs to cover the whole structure. You have various options here.

You can use the paper-mache method describe above or you can use plaster cloth or modelling rock which is available from most hobby stores and is a gauze with dry plaster. Cut the plaster cloth into strips, give it a quick soak so that the plaster becomes wet then place it on the structure. Make sure that you overlap each piece and continue until the whole structure is covered. If you wish to have tunnels using this method, make sure that you have a supporting structure under your polystyrene as it is not very strong, especially if the structure is narrow.

3. Chicken Wire
When you are making mountains for a model railroad from chicken wire, you create the shape using the wire as a frame then cover it using one of the methods above. This is the old way that mountains have been made as people often had chicken wire lying around.

These are just a few ways for making mountains for a model railroad. Just remember that the basic idea is to create the basic shape first, adding in tunnel spaces if you need to, then cover it.

7 Tips for A New Art Collector

Collecting art is not just for the wealthy but has become a popular hobby for many people today.

As people begin to appreciate certain styles of art, there becomes a supply and demand situation where prices can indeed reach almost unattainable limits. These types of collectors purchase strictly as a form of investment.

But there are many beginners who pay little attention to the rules of the art world and instead buy what they like. There may be a theme associated with a collection you are drawn to or there may be up and coming artists you admire and want to invest early in their career.

Whatever the case, there are a few tips to pay attention to regardless of your experience as you begin to add to your own collection.

Where To Start

1. Do your research. If you are interested in an artist or a specific piece to add to your collection make sure you have checked out the galleries in your area before settling on your next purchase. Most galleries will have additional information available on the pieces you are considering.

2. Visit the museums in your area and get on their mailing lists to ensure you will be invited to any new openings or special events. Although you cannot purchase from a museum, you can find invaluable information in the featured publications.

3. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it. The idea of collecting is that you enjoy the pieces you purchase and wish to display them proudly.

4. Check out the non-profit art centers in your area as well as any artisan fairs that may be scheduled throughout your city. There is often art for sale at these events as well as artists and experts on hand to help guide you in your own collection.

5. Go to your local library for books and magazines on art collecting. They will have a wealth of knowledge on collecting and offer tips to help you understand what to look for. They will also and suggest areas you may have over looked when searching for specific pieces.

6. Find fellow art collector by attending similar events. Exchanging opinions and ideas can be very rewarding in new friendships and in networking for new pieces for your collections.

Go online. There is a mountain of information on the internet that can help you narrow down your preferences and build your knowledge base in any aspect of the art world.

The Choice is Yours

The sky is the limit when it comes to collecting and the value of art is unique to each individual. Someone’s masterpiece may be an acquired taste and the more you learn about your personal preferences, the more extensive your collection can become.


Select the Pair with Great Care

Golf is a sport that is played by millions of people all over the world. It has been a popular sport and its existence can be traced in the past several centuries. There are very few who actually understand the game properly and know what makes the game run like it does. A right golf club is equipment that is needed for playing the game of golf correctly. If you are in the market for clubs, you need to have complete knowledge about the golf club that you would need to buy. You will be faced with numerous choices and finding the one that suits you would be a difficult task. Many people would offer their opinions and most of them would have as much knowledge about the sport as you do.

Buying a perfect golf club is certainly a daunting task. It may lead you to several visits to the golf store in order to search for the perfect equipment. You must take the perfect choice that would benefit your game in the long run. If you have some experience about the game, you can consider the golf clubs that you have used previously. Were they working well for you or did you have any problems? List down the plus and minuses of the golf clubs that you were using earlier. If the likes are more than the dislikes, consider why you want to buy a new golf club anyways. You might be content with current golf clubs and do not need to buy a new one. But if the dislikes overpower the likes, you would get a fair idea of what you should consider in the new ones.

You can also consider an opinion from an expert golfer. He would guide you on the aspects whether the golf club that you are playing with is the perfect size for you or not. Playing with a too long or too short golf club could have an adverse effect on your game of golf. This would save you the countless hours that would otherwise spent in the process of selecting the most appropriate golf club for yourself.

The game of golf is played on a golf course. Finding a golf course worth playing is very important decision. You can check out the details and then select the most appropriate golf course to enjoy the game. Browse on the internet and select the best one that suits your needs, budget and requirements.

Easy Ways to Craft Scented Candles

Candlelight is great for setting up mood of whichever kind of a room, particularly when you are aiming for somewhat gentle and romantic. This is one of the explanations why candles are so fashionable – the tone you can create in a room with candles is superb and varied. But the possibilities are multiplied even more while you are working with scented candles, since adding scent at all times boosts the mood, whatsoever that mood might be.

Knowing the methods of making scented candles begins with awareness that most waxes are made from oil, and for that reason they are closer to oils in their chemical composition. Therefore, bear in mind that when you choose a fragrance to add to your candle wax, it should also be an oil composition instead of water based or alcohol based perfumes. Of course you know that water and oil don’t mix, so if you use a water based fragrance, it’s going to simply settle on the base of your melted wax and not actually perfume the candle like you desire it to. What is important now, assuming that you are not a chemist, is to make certain that the scents you use are actually planned for candle making purposes. Don’t worry if you are afraid that this will restrict your candle making at home choices. Most any craft store carries a mind-boggling overabundance of candle fragrances. If, by some chance, your local craft store doesn’t stock the scent you ought to have, there are a lot of online sellers that will carry it.

Making Scented Candles is Easy

The fantastic thing concerning scented candles is that you can smell their fragrance even while the candles themselves aren’t lit. They make excellent gifts and anyone you give them to will be grateful for them even if you tell them that they really are handmade.

As soon as you become relaxed how to create scented candles, you will understand that the process is the same as making standard candles. You first need to determine which kind of wax you are going to use, as that can influence the amount of fragrance you should use to make the scent really work. Generally, the more fragrance you use, the stronger your candle will smell, irrespective of whether you are using paraffin (the most ordinary sort of wax used for candles), high-priced beeswax, palm wax or soy wax. However, the most popular candle-making-at-home fault of the amateur is adding too much scents. Adding disproportionate scent will have an adverse effect on burning performance and could even result in unattractive pitting. This particularly applies when it comes to using gel wax. Extra caution is essential when making scented gel candles.

In the event you plan to make use of gel wax, pay special attention to the density. Gel candle wax comes in different densities, and a low density gel wax won’t retain as much scent as a higher density wax will.

The manner to Create Scented Candles Successfully

To create any kind of candle, you’ve got to first melt the wax before you will be able to pour it into your candle pattern. Take care not to set the heat of the stove top too high because wax can burn – especially gel candle wax. If you decide to use gel wax, keep a chemical fire extinguisher handy just in case! Once the wax is melted, you can remove it from the heat source. Next is the final stage in learning how to create scented candles. Are you all set?

Based on skill, what I do is to add one ounce of fragrance oil for every pound of wax which will give you a 6% fragrance concentration. I adjust up or down from there depending on the kind of wax and scent intensity I am going for. It is extremely essential to be sure that you you should not add too much fragrance, because certain problems can take place from having too much in your candle; like the candle not burning appropriately, or you could potentially even finish up with pools of liquid in the candle (not nice-looking, and possibly dangerous).

If you ever maintain records of how much fragrance you add to the different amounts of wax you use, then you will eventually hit on the right quantity for you to get the scent you want without the puddles of fluid in the candle. A number of excellent advice I was once told was that it is far easier to add fragrance when experimenting for the exact concentration, than it is to take it away.

How to make scented candles effectively

Candle making at home is a entertaining and pleasing hobby. Playing with scent will add up even more assortment and depth to your candle making endeavors. When you discover how to make fragrant candles fruitfully, not only will you be glad about it, but your recipients will too.

Tricks and Tips about Structuring Remote Control Vehicles

Should you happen to have a child and are fond of playing with radio control cars and don’t mind getting dirty, then this post just may be just the thing for you.

Yes. You absolutely must engage in creating your individual remote control car for on-road cars racing or off-road trucks or cars games. This is entertainment, though it requires a bit of effort on your part specifically when you have to assemble your own autos.

They say constructing your very own cars and trucks automobile is complex but when it concerns maintenance and patch absolutely nothing contrasts to knowing what you have put inside your vehicle.

If you like to lessen your expenses, attempt to construct your own toy radio controlled cars. Building your personal cars and trucks is more practical since you can consistently choose what parts you will certainly use. Also, you can additionally show your creativity in building your very own model trucks and cars. One can easily also acquire the best parts or accessories in absolutely lower expense. Additional prices such as batteries and fuel are simply just similar it does not matter whether you constructed your very own radio controlledvehicle or buy a vehicle package.

Putting together your remote controlautomobiles might eat longer time. But it will definitely still depend on the supplier of the automobiles, the type of automobiles, and your knowledge in developing a remote controlledtrucks and cars.

The trick is to always follow and be sure to understand the directions thoroughly. Never expect finishing your very own kit in just a matter of time. It is a good idea to take a break from time to time due to the fact that it can easily help you think far better plus you’ll get brand-new concepts on how to reconstruct your set quickly.

Right here are some more excellent ideas to think about before you starting to building your own remote controlled trucks or cars.

1. The Remote Control Car or Truck guide booklet. Review initially all the contents of the guide prior to developing your RC automobiles. Understand appropriately the standards to obtain ahead difficult steps as well as have the ability to avoid it from not wasting time. Check from time to time if you are on the best track and mindful not to skip steps so that you won’t keep on beginning all over increase.

2. Always have a Pencil plus Notepad. Apart from taking vital notes in your guide booklet, you should additionally focus on the screw configuration and positions. Focus your attention to left and right, tail ends plus the front. Even though it’s typically marked on it spots, it is still very important to make additional notes so that you will comprehend them the right way.

3. An organized structuring space. It needs to have a dry and also clean hand towel to stay clear of car parts from rolling and bouncing and will certainly draw up any fluid you spill or tip out. Be careful to create your pit where you might not be irritated. Make sure to cover up the car you made with a towel or fabric when you’re not there to prevent lost of pieces. And lastly, put an adequate light like a desk light fixture for you to see the very small parts and inside of your automobile.

4. Containers. It’s advisable to save your little parts in hardware trays, make use of empty compartments, muffin tins, and medium sized boxes are some proposals to make things organized. Be sure to keep anything separated and sorted when you are creating your package.

5. Set of devices. You’ll need to have excellent basic tools such as:

a. A Philips-head screwdrivers,
b. A series of jeweler’s screwdrivers
c. A 1 1/4 4-inch flat blade screwdriver should be considered ample.
d. A pair of slip-joint and needle nose pliers and also nitro styles calls for control-lock pliers that will be utilized for realizing flywheels.
e. Flush cutter is also required for oil lines and parts which needs to be close plus clean cut.

If you’re a novice when it comes to creating radio control automobile you must have determination since it’s difficult to create one if you don’t possess experience on it. Remember that building your personal RC automobile can additionally be fun plus satisfying.

Selling Crafts to online Customers

One of the best ways to get your craft business up and running is to participate in your local craft shows, but because local craft shows usually only happen a couple of time a year such as Christmas, Easter, Mother and Father’s day you will have to find other outlets throughout the year to sell your handmade crafts.

Other ways to sell your unique handmade crafts and gifts is to use consignment stores, or sell your crafts to local gift shops. The internet is also an amazing venue for selling your handmade crafts. The internet will give you the opportunity not only to sell to your local market but to sell to a worldwide customer base that is looking for unique handmade gifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Setting up an e-commerce web site can seem a little daunting to crafters that are not computer savvy, but there are other ways that the artists and crafters can get up and running on the internet without it costing them a lot of money, in fact it can actually be done for Free.

There are a few great Craft Malls on the internet that gives the crafters an opportunity to open their own craft shop where they can list their handmade crafts and start selling worldwide with just a few clicks of a mouse. In no time flat the crafter will be selling their crafts from their own online shop with their own web address, their own control panel where they can easily add their products and product descriptions, set up their shipping charges and taxes and when someone orders their products payment goes directly to the crafter. No commissions are charged.

After you have researched the Craft Malls and you find one that you feel will work foryou and your handmade crafts you can’t just open your store and sit back and wait for the orders to start coming in. Treat your new online store like a real business, if you opened a brick and mortar store you wouldn’t stock it and walk away, you would spend time there promoting your new business and moving your stock to keep everything looking fresh and up-to-date. Please do the same for your online shop and in no time flat you will have a successful online craft business that you will be proud of.

Your online craft shop will give your regular customers the opportunity to buy from you year round, when they need that special gift for a family member or friend they can just drop by your online shop and buy. Your online shop will also give you the opportunity to find new customers from around the world.